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Milled Date: 08/05/2021

Experience the fresh taste of nature with Premium Hadong Seomjin River Rice! Fresh, delicious, and all-natural, Hadong Seomjin River rice is cultivated in the clean air, rich soil, sunny skies, and clear waters of the Seomjin River in Korea, set at the foot of the mighty Jirisan Mountain. It’s the perfect harmony of climate and environment for growing beautiful, sticky, and full grains of natural white rice.  

The rice is grown and harvested through eco-friendly cultivation before being cleaned and processed in advanced modern facilities. The freshness of the rice is instantly preserved using innovative low-temperature storage and low-pressure system that captures the taste of newly harvested rice in the fall all the way into summer! 

Only the highest quality rice with the best taste and enriched nutrition is selected for customers. Delve into fresh, warm, delightfully sticky, and delicious white rice gifted from Korea’s Seomjin River!  


  • Store in a cool, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.
  • There is a risk of deterioration if stored for a long period of time in a wrapping paper
  • If you want to keep rice fresh, put apples in it, and if you want to fight rice worms, put garlic in it.
  • After opening, put the rice in an airtight container in the refrigerator for maximum shelf life.
Ingredients: 100% Milled Rice
Hadong Seomjin River Rice 4kg (Limited to 2 Bags per Order)