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Nothing quite beats the smell and taste of toasted sesame seeds! These sesame seeds are carefully selected based on size and color to ensure the best quality seeds. Then, the sesame seeds are roasted using traditional methods and then immediately freeze-dried to preserve that freshly toasted taste and aroma. 

Sesame seeds can be used in a wide variety of Korean sauces to add the perfect finishing taste and texture. If you love KBBQ, then you’re going to want to add some sesame seeds for your meat marinades. You can also use it as a topping to different main dishes, salads, and even on top of desserts! 


  • Sesame seeds easily oxidize when exposed to air.  
  • Keep in a cool place or cool place in an airtight container.


  • Unsaturated fatty acids in sesame seeds nourish the brain
  • Fatty acids help to boost brain function.
  • Sesame seeds also contain Vitamin E, which contains free radicals good for skincare.
  • 100% Sesame Seeds 
Heavenly Devotion Toasted Sesame Seeds 180g
$10.72 $13.41