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Soothe your respiratory discomfort with IDO Tea Breathe Heavens Fermented Tea Drink. It is truly a "Breathe Heavens". Drink one or two a day for a soothing effect.

  • Organic & Natural
  • 100% Korea-Grown
  • Caffeine Free
  • No Preservatives / No Additives / No Sugar
  • Beneficial Herbs
  • Comforting Mild Aroma
  • Dark Brew Color
Recommend 1~2 packs per day, hot or cold.
Ingredients: balloon flower root, gojiberry, organic tangerine peel, organic lotus leaf, hydrangea leave, complex herb extract, purified water
The bellflower root (Scientific name: Platycodon grandiflorum) is rich in saponins and particularly rich in Platycodin A, B, C, D. In particular, IDO tries to make good use of healthful ingredients contained in the peel as possible through good fermentation. . Sometimes, thanks to the saponin of bellflower, it is more often used valuably than ginseng.

IDO Tea™'s manufacturing facility is Organic Certified, and is located in the beautiful outskirts of South Korea in a small town named Po-Hang. 

IDO Tea™ products are also USDA Certified (NOP Certified) for organic product line and material of teabag.