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The methodically selected ingredients in IDO Tea™ DTX Black focuses on the center to the upper digestive tract. This formulation in IDO Tea™ DTX Black helps to cleanse, rejuvenate, and revitalize your body. Add IDO Tea™ DTX Black to your daily diet for its cleansing and purifying properties.
Drink this as an alternative to your daily drink of water to feel extra refreshed and comforting. 


- 100% All Natural
- Caffeine Free
- No Preservatives / No Additives
- Beneficial Herbs
- Comforting Mild Aroma

Ingredients: Bamboo leaf, lonicera flower, danshen root, kudzu root, Bellflower root, purified water

IDO Tea™'s manufacturing facility is Organic Certified and is located in the beautiful outskirts of South Korea in a small town named Po-Hang. 


EXP. DATE: 12/14/2021

[CLEARANCE SALE] IDO Tea DTX Black-Eastern Detox (340ml) EXP. DATE: 12/14/2021
$1.09 $3.12