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$41.76 $52.20

IDO Tea for Concentration helps clear brain fog and helps you concentrate through fermented ingredients such as red sage (miltiorrkizae root), ginger, and yucca root.

  • Organic & Natural
  • 100% Korea-Grown
  • Caffeine Free
  • No Preservatives / No Additives / No Sugar
  • Beneficial Herbs
  • Comforting Mild Aroma
  • Deeply Brewed and Fermented

Recommend 1~2 packs per day, hot or cold.

Ingredients: Water, Miltiorrkizae root, polygoni root, lotus leaf, longan fruit, her extract (licorice root, lonicera flower, green tea leaf, ginger, yucca root, dextrose)

IDO Tea for Concentration - Fermented Tea Drink (120ml x 20 packs)
$41.76 $52.20