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Savor the famous Jirisan King Dried Persimmon as a healthy, and nutritious snack for all ages, even picky eaters like young children! Featuring full, plump persimmon heavy with amazing flavor and texture from Jirisan, this Daebonggam persimmon is fit for a king! Easy open packaging for all ages so you can instantly dive in! Grown in the bright sunshine of Daebonggam, 300m above sea level for it’s full, ripe fruit and delicious flavor, texture, and quality. These persimmon orchards are the secret behind the quality and giant size of Jirisan King’s Dried Persimmon. Only the best fruits for the king! 


  • The white powder on the surface of the dried persimmon is a crystalline form of fructose and glucose produced by the concentration of sugar. Therefore, it is full of healthy ingredients.
  • The black discoloration is a natural phenomenon during which persimmons become dried persimmons. So it's safe to eat with peace of mind.  


  • Shelf Life: If exposed to room temperature, consume within 7 days.
Jirisan King’s Dried Persimmon (Got-gam) 500g
$17.99 $22.50