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Experience the natural, sweet and subtle floral notes of the Jirisan Sancheong Acacia Flower Honey! This delightful Acacia flower honey is cultivated at 750 meters above sea level in the fresh, clean, and natural climate under the peak of the Jirisan Mountain (Cheonwangbong).  Acacia has a sweet, delicate, floral flavor with a touch of vanilla. The Jirisan mountain is full of lovely wildflowers that cover the mountain with beautiful colors during the bloom season. The honey is so delicious that the native Asiatic black bear (aka Moon Bear) come up the Cheonwangbong highlands 3-4 times a year solely to steal a taste of the wildflower honey! Natural wildflower honey is full of nutrients including organic acids, 10 kinds of vitamins, and 12 different minerals!


Recipe for Sweet Lemon Marmalade

  • Wash lemons thoroughly in water and vinegar. 
  • Rub the skin with baking powder and rinse off. 
  • Slice the clean lemon thinly and set in layers while adding honey in between. 
  • You can mix with water/carbonated water for a refreshing lemonade or with hot water for a soothing lemon tea! Feel free to experiment with your favorite ingredients!