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$5.34 $8.90

The JM Green Meal Prep Container is a convenient and simple way to do your meal prep! It saves the fridge/freezer space by easily separating, portioning, and organizing your meal items. 

The JM Green Meal Prep Container effectively seals in the freshness and aroma of your individual ingredients/food, preserving them while maximizing your fridge space. Say goodbye to that funky fridge smell of mixed ingredients on your food or in your fridge! It even features a special yellow tab that you can set to a specific date to keep track of the freshness and condition of your food! Perfect for those meal-prepping or on a specific meal plan. 

The tight seal ensures that moisture, liquid, and aroma are effectively locked in to prevent leakage. Whether it’s raw ingredients, cooked food, leftovers, etc., the JM Green Egg-Fit Plus can store whatever you need for any occasion! Simple, easy, and convenient for instant storage and portability! Perfect for picnics, camping, fishing, BBQs, and so much more! 


Choose between three different sizes! 

  • Plus 1 (1 cell): Approx. 600g per cell (600ml / 21.16 oz / 1.3 lb)
  • Plus 2 (2 cell): Approx. 300g per cell (300ml/ 10.58 oz / 0.7 lb)
  • Plus 3 (3 cell): Approx. 100g per cell (100ml / 3.53 oz / 0.2 lb)
JM Green Meal Prep Container (3 different sizes)
$5.34 $8.90