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Featuring top-quality Korean seaweed produced and harvested in Wando, Jeolla-do off the southern coast of Korea. Grown in the gentle, low and slow tides for wide, broad seaweed with a soft and chewy texture. The seaweed is collected in winter before being lightly blanched in hot water and aged for one day. Then the seaweed is cut into pieces for convenient cooking and use. 

This amazing ingredient is packed with alginic acid, calcium, dietary fiber is a low-calorie food that also helps reduce cholesterol and excretes heavy metals. It also promotes smooth digestion and a healthy diet!


  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 
  • This product is made from natural products obtained from nature, and shrimp, crab, seaweed, clam shells and other sea life may be present. Wash, clean, and remove before cooking. 
Korean Soft Cut Seaweed 200g
$11.19 $13.99