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$3.99 $4.99

Enjoy the healthy and delicious traditional Yeot-gangjeong or Korean Fried Rice Cracker sweetened with dried persimmons and peanuts! This tasty treat is a Korean classic made from 100% domestic Korean white rice, sweet and chewy dried persimmons, and crunchy savory peanuts for added flavor. The entire cracker is bonded together with sweet mullyeot (Korean rice syrup) to yield the perfect sweet snack that will make you completely forget about overly processed candy bars! 


  • Easy to eat bite-sized, conveniently packed in a zipper pack.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
Korean Fried Rice Cracker with Dried Persimmons and Peanuts 180g (Limited to 5 Bags Per Order)
$3.99 $4.99