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Make instant jjapchae with our easy and delicious sauce! Our jjapchae recipe is created with different ingredients cooked separately to highlight their own distinct flavors in this delicious melody.

A classic Korean dish, jjapchae features glass noodles cooked with pieces of carrots, spinach, onions, shiitake mushrooms, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Our sauce is the result of adding layers of flavor to work perfectly together with savory beef and vegetables. 


  • Marinate the beef and mushrooms with jjapchae sauce for approx. 20 minutes. 
  • Slice vegetables and cook separately for a traditional style jjapchae.
  • Boil glass noodles before adding into a pan and stir frying with jjapchae sauce, beef, mushrooms, and other vegetables. 
  • Top with sesame seeds and serve! 
  • Perfect as an appetizer, main or side dish! Simply add rice for more body.
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Korean Jjapchae Sauce
$1.99 $2.50

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