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Kalbi is one of the most recognizable plates you can find at a Korean BBQ spot. With our special marinade recipe, you can create this dish within minutes at home! This sweet, savory, and delicious BBQ dish been around in Korea for thousands of years and has evolved into the Kalbi we know today. Simple mix and let marinate with Korean style short ribs for at least an hour before cooking either on a grill or pan at the comfort of your home!


  • Simply add to meat and let marinate for approx 1 hour to overnight. 
  • Then cook to preference whenever you’re ready!


Ingredient and Nutrition List 100g (196 kcal.) 

  • Mixed soy sauce [amino acid solution (skim soybean), brewed soy sauce [Soybean, wheat], refined salt, liquid fructose, alcohol, white sugar, starch syrup, purified water, aminoMW1 {wheat gluten, [Wheat]}, alcohol, onion (domestic, garlic, pear concentrate, acidity regulator, flavor enhancer, black pepper powder, xanthan gum, Caramel color, grapefruit seed extract
  • Contains soybean and wheat
  • Sodium 2,524mg (126%) 
  • Carbohydrates 42.9g (13%) 
  • Sugar 37.4g (37%) 
  • Cholesterol 0mg (0%) 
  • Fat 0g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 0.3g (2%) 
  • Protein 4.08g (7%)