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Maesil Plus Plum Extract is made with selected healthy plums grown in Maehwa Village located between Baekunsan Mountain and Seomjin Riverside in Gwangyang, Jeolla Province. It is an alkaline product with a clean taste and aroma.

No artificial sweeteners, no pigments, no preservatives, no fragrances. 

Ingredients: Plum, refined sugar, oligosaccharide

  • Enjoy hot during the winter or iced in the summer! Simply add plum extract at 1:5 with water. 
  • Use as a substitute for sugar in kimchi seasoning or for any dishes!
  • Great for bulgogi and other meat marinades! 
  • Add little by little when frying anchovies to remove the fishy smell. 
Maesil Plus Plum Extract 700ml
$22.99 $32.85

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