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$5.44 $6.80

This Miracle Washing Machine Cleaner is a simple and easy way to keep your washing machine clean from any odor and bacteria and improves washing efficiency without any damage.


  • Works with all types of washing machines.
  • Washes off water dirt, germs and detergent residues. 
  • Removes black fungus that causes skin disease on sensitive skin and children.
  • Removes all types of harmful bacteria 99.9%.
  • Removes colon bacillus and staphylococcus 99.9%

To use, simply put one pack of Miracle Washing Machine Cleaner 50g in the washing machine with water, run the washer for one to two hours. 

Main Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate, enzyme, sodium hydrogen carbonate, orange oil.

Miracle Washing Machine Cleaner 50g x 2 packs
$5.44 $6.80