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Conquer eating on the go with the innovative and ridiculously useful Moracc Pocket Bowl made from 100% eco-friendly, safe, BPA-free platinum catalyst silicone! 

The Pocket Bowl features a simple yet ingenious collapsable design that makes storing, cooking, and enjoying food on the go easy and actually pleasant. You can carry the raw ingredients, cook, and enjoy the finished recipe all in the Moracc Pocket Bowl. It’s so easy to carry that you can fold it to fit a handbag or even your pocket! Simply put in your food and press down to compress the bowl and maximize as much space as possible. Now, when you go to work, exercise, camping, vacation, or travel, go with the Pocket Bowl!

The specially designed platinum catalyst silicone is perfect for hot food, cold fruits, and everything in between! Its durability and tight seal prevents oxidation in food and keeps your food nice, fresh, and above all, safe. Perfect for keeping fruit fresh and cool while preventing them from drying out. In addition to its excellent sturdiness, the Pocket Bowl silicone is also delightfully soft to stop cracking or chipping during washing.


  • Easy Portability, Utilization, Eco-friendly 
  • Collapsible bowl for maximum storage and portability. 
  • Microwave oven, electric oven, dishwasher safe. 
  • Eco-friendly, platinum catalyst silicone with safe materials free from harmful substances. 
  • With a simple translucent cover that keeps food visible and easily distinguishable. 
  • No more having to unpack to check which food is in which container! 

Moracc Pocket Bowl Silicone Container (Available in Pink/Orange/Green/Blue)
$7.99 $9.99