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Experience Cconma’s soothing and nourishing fermented wildflower extract cream on your skin. The myosotis wildflower is a moisture reservoir, containing natural ingredients with strong moisture retention that soaks deeply when it touches your skin. The “forget-me-not” flower contains phenol and natural flavonoids act as antioxidants. Immediately after application, the cream deeply hydrates the skin, forming a smooth, thin moisture coating that keeps the skin moist throughout the day.The myosotis flower provides cool, soothing hydration on the skin as it exfoliates and regenerates skin cells. The cream also includes natural ingredients with proteins, vitamins, and minerals beneficial for skin cell regeneration and moisture. The result is beautiful, glossy, lively skin! 


According to German legend, long ago a young man swam down the river to acquire a beautiful flower in a river for a beloved woman. The young man picked up the flower and was suddenly swept away by a torrent. As he struggled to stay afloat, the young man threw the flower to the woman and implored, 'Don't forget me!” The man disappeared in the waves and left the woman alone. She kept the flower alive for the rest of her life as a reminder of her missing lover, hoping one day to see him return home. This beautiful flower of love and tragedy is known as the “forget-me-not flower” or the myosotis flower today. 

Cream includes: 

- Myosotis Wildflower Extract

-Natural Hone

-Fresh radish sprout extract.

-Macadamia seed oil.

- Contains natural moisturizing factors to make your skin healthier and hydrated.


  • After washing, take an appropriate amount at the finishing stage and gently apply to face. 
  • Keep packs in the refrigerator relieve hot, sun-exposed skin and to effectively shrink pores. 
  • Can be used as a moisture pack.
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Myosotis Wildflower Forget-me-not Skin Cream
$27.96 $34.95

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