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Everyone of all ages can enjoy the delicious savory flavor of Naeum Roasted Laver! Perfect for making gimbap (traditional Korean seaweed rice roll) in addition to other Korean dishes including dumpling soup, sashimi, and much more! Roasted to remove moisture and add delicious layers of umami flavor.

This high-protein, low-calorie food is perfect for those looking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Rich in vitamin A which is effective in preventing aging and protecting eyesight. It’s also high in calcium, which is good for growth in children and prevention of osteoporosis, and rich in iodine, which protects the thyroid and softens hair. 


  • Perfect for gimbap, triangle gimbap, and Chungmu gimbap. 
  • Bake lightly and wrap in rice and enjoy with seasoning sauce! 
  • Also perfect for rice balls, bibimbap, dumpling soup, sashimi, gwamegi, and much more! 
  • Seal and refrigerate to prevent moisture.
  • Recommended keeping wrapped in a kitchen towel/newspaper for freezer storage. 
Naeum Seafood Premium Roasted Laver 300g (100 Sheets)
$17.49 $24.99