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The eco-friendly scrubber from CH Harmony is designed for safe, sustainable, high-quality cleaning while helping the environment! The CH Harmony scrubber is a master multitasker in hygiene, able to tackle any kind of cleaning. No more worrying about washing dishes or containers with those annoying deep red pepper stains. This scrubber easily cleans greasy dishes from deep-fried foods, tableware, refrigerators, bathrooms, sinks, you name it!

Made from safe, plant-based materials free from environmentally harmful substances. However, what makes the CH Harmony truly eco-friendly is the fact that it’s 100% biodegradable by microorganisms existing in nature! Safe and durable, this scrubber has excellent water drainage and unlike metal products, is soft and gentle on containers during washing.


  • It saves resources with low carbon dioxide and low combustion heat.
  • Excellent environmental stability and energy efficiency.
  • With PLA (biodegradable resin) made from plant raw materials.
  • Specification: Scrubber 250mm X 180mm.
  • Naturally, eco-friendly scrubber has a 99.9% of bacteria reduction rate through KATRI (Industrial Environment Research Center) (KS K 0693: 2006 applied).
  • Excellent antibacterial activity and formaldehyde detection test results.
Natural Eco-Friendly Scrubber (2 per Pack)
$4.79 $5.99