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Non-fried Wellbeing Rice Noodles - Kimchi Flavor (92g) comes in a box of 5 packs

Migamyeon's non-fried noodles are made with 50% rice and the rice is made with 100% domestically grown Korean rice. 

Noodle: Rice 50%, wheat flour, corn starch, salt, tapioca starch  
Soup: Salt, glucose, sugar, soybean powder, L-sodium glutamate, red pepper powder, anchovy powder, dried brown seaweed, dried fish (anchovy, bonito), natural spice, processed fruits and vegetables, dried spring onion, dried carrot, kimchi

Contains soybean, wheat.

1. Open lid. Add the soup base.
2. Pour hot water up to the inside line.
3. Close lid for 3 minutes.
4. Stir well and serve.