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ONSKY FARM is well-known for adding absolutely nothing to their dried vegetables just like the way moms used to dry their vegetables back in the days. 100% Korea-grown vegetables are naturally dried and packaged.

Ingredients: Korean Goatsbeard (Sam Namul)

Healthy Recipe: 

1. Soak desired amount of dried wild aster in boiling water for 30 minutes to an hour. 
2. Rinse in running water 3~4 times, then squeeze excess water from the vegetable
3. Add soup soy sauce, sesame oil. Mix together well. 

4. Fry in a pan with grape seed oil until the vegetable softens. Add sesame seeds.
5. Enjoy as stir-fried banchan dish or add to your bibimbap mix!

ONSKY FARM Dried Korean Goatsbeard (Sam Namul) 50g
$11.59 $14.49