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Enjoy the rich, savory flavor of Korean blackbean sauce (jjajang) with the Ottogi 3 Minute Jjajang mix! This jjajang has deep, delicious layers of flavor that pair perfectly with hot sticky rice or noodles. Popular amongst both Korean kids and adults alike! Quick, simple, and easy to make at home or on the go. Only takes 3 minutes to cook in the microwave. A tasty Korean meal for any time, anywhere! 


  • Purified water, Chunjang flour, soybean, refined salt, caramel color, alcohol, Potato, onion puree, mixed preparation (denatured starch, sugar dextrin), Canola oil, sugar, vegetable flavored oil, Ottogi oyster sauce, caramel color, baked onion flakes, onion flavor powder, Chammatjajang seasoning powder, complex seasoning, beef back, eggshell powder, roasted red pepper oil, flavor enhancer
  • This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities with products using shellfish (including oyster abalone and mussels), egg, milk, soybean, crab, shrimp, pork, tomato, chicken, beef, squid. 
  • Sodium 1,170mg (59%) 
  • Carbohydrates 27g (8%)
  • Sugar 10g (10%)
  • Cholesterol Less than 5mg (1%)
  • Fat 10g (19%)
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 1.5g (10%)
  • Protein 4g (7%)
SKU: 100010111982
Ottogi 3 Minute Blackbean Sauce (Jjajang)

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