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Soothe your body and soul with the delicious Palm Sugar Chagapresso from Cconma! Completely caffeine-free! This rich, flavorful drink features a fantastic and healthy blend of aromatic Chaga mushrooms and sweet Palmyra palm sugar. The perfect 3:1 ratio ensures quality taste and nutrition with every sip. You can also try mixing with your favorite coffee, latte, espresso, and much more! Great for coffee lovers and those sensitive to caffeine! 

Special black, almost jewel-like Chaga mushroom is collected from wild birch trees in Canada’s northern Indian Reservation near the Alaskan border. This pure, clean area is the perfect environment for natural Chaga mushrooms coined “God’s Last Gift” for their medicinal properties.  It’s extracted for 14 hours and perfectly captures the deep flavor of Chaga mushrooms.  

Palmyra palm sugar is extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the Palmyra palm tree. It has a subtle yet pure, healthy sweetness along with a wealth of nutrients. In order to reach peak flavor naturally, Palmyra palm trees must be cultivated for 5,475 days (15 years!). It’s unique and delicious sweetness captures the essence of the native Cambodian Palmyra palm flowers.  


Ingredient List

  • 75% Extract (solid 1.5%; Chaga mushroom: Canadian), 25% Palmyra Palm Sugar Syrup (Heshed Palm Sugar 65%, Purified Water)

Recommended intake amount

  • Take one to three bags a day.


  • Carefully check the ingredient list and contents for any allergies. 
  • Don’t consume if the wrapper or product is damaged.
  • Shake before use. 
  • Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and hot humid places
  • Refrigerate or drink as soon as possible after opening.
  • The product is manufactured in such manufacturing facilities as eggs, milk, buckwheat peanuts, soybeans, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, sulfuric acid, walnuts, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish, and pine nuts.


Caution- Do not heat Chagapresso in the pouch, move to heatable container. 


  • Enjoy the special flavor of Chagapresso!
  • 1 Chaga Espresso, 90ml Water

Chagablack (Chagapresso and Espresso) 

  • Enjoy the amazing combination of Chaga Espresso and Espresso
  • Each bean has a different flavor, but Chagapresso balances the taste consistently
  • Colombian beans make for an excellent combination
  • 1 Chaga Espresso, 1 Espresso Shot, 90ml Water

Chaga Latte

  • A delicious Chaga Espresso Latte. 
  • Chagapresso 1 packet, 150ml Milk

Chaga Choco Latte

  • For those who need a little bit more sweetness! 
  • Melt into the delicious Chaga Choco Latte
  • 1 Chagapresso, 200ml Milk, 20ml Chocolate Syrup

Chaga Cappuccino

  • Enjoy the Italian-inspired Chaga Cappucino! 
  • Add velvety milk foam and adjust cinnamon powder to taste! 
  • 1 Chagapresso, 150ml of Milk, Milk foam + Cinnamon Powder

Chaga Affogato

  • Perfect for those hot summers 
  • Delicious Chagapresso on ice cream
  • 1 Chagapresso, 1 scoop of your favorite ice cream! 

You can use soymilk instead of milk for all the recipes!