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Pre-orders will be available until 8/25. Orders will ship out on 9/7 via FREE FedEx 2-day shipping. 

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Semi-Dried Barley Sprout Gulbi Set by Kang Byeong-wook (Sesak Bori Gulbi) - 10 Fish (27cm+) per Set

Kang Byeong-wook is the first person ever to receive the Intangible Cultural Property (South Korea) for his mastery of salting and drying techniques for yellow Corvina.  

Unlike any other gulbi, these large and yellow Corvina are salted with sea salt and barley sprout powder, which is made from dried young leaves of the barley plant. Barley sprout powder not only gives nutritional benefits but it intensifies and deepens the natural taste of gulbi as well. It is made with great care, cleanliness, and delicacy at an HACCP-certified facility to ensure premium quality of Kang Byoeng-wook’s Beopseongpo Semi-Dried Sprout Barley Gulbi.

The freshly caught Corvina are carefully sorted and only large fish averaging approx. 27cm in length are selected. 

  • Salted with barley sprout powder and sea salt
  • Weighed without glazing to keep honest length and weight
  • Phosphate-Free 
  • No preservatives or additives

Freeze immediately once received until ready to eat.

Ingredients:  Booseh Yellow Corvina (from China), sea salt, barley sprout powder

What is Booseh?
Booseh is a large yellow corvina or croaker, mostly caught in the sea of China. These freshly caught fishes are then shipped to Beopseongpo in Yeongwang, Korea where the artisans use their expertise to semi-dry the fish to perfection with sprout barley and sea salt.

[PRE-ORDER] Semi-Dried Barley Sprout Gulbi Set by Kang Byeong-wook (Sesak Bori Gulbi) - 10 Fish (27cm+) per Set
$94.49 $104.99