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Premium 100% Gorosae Deonjang made from natural Korean ingredients developed with traditional Korean techniques. Unlike regular market doenjang, Gorosae doenjang is made using high-quality, 100% maple tree sap instead of water. The natural minerals and sucrose in the tree sap naturally cause fermentation and yields amazing doenjang. Other market doenjang simply pale in comparison to the taste and quality of Gorosae doenjang. Made with 100% local ingredients including Sinan County bay salt, Korean pepper seeds, and Korean soybeans completely free of any preservatives, additives, or MSG.

The rich savory flavor of Gorosae doenjang still maintains its delicious taste even after boiling for a long time and reheating thanks to its sucrose content. Regular doenjang can become overly salty and bitter after boiling for an extended period. 

Misun works diligently to find the most delicious ingredients from honest Korean farmers to provide the very best, high-quality products at a reasonable price. From 100% Sinan County bay salt to domestic Korean soybeans, each ingredient plays a key role in every Misun product.

SKU: 100010110962
Misun Premium Gorosae Doenjang (Soybean Paste) 950g
$23.45 $33.50

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