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Enjoy cooking Korean food? Then this is a great buy for you! 

Round Non-Cracked Ttukbaegi Pot with Lid (Small) is a non-cracked earthenware pot that contains high-strength petalite, a natural rock material that is safe for the human body, so it does not easily generate grime even after rough washing, and there are no holes or crevices on the surface, so it is perfectly ok to wash dishes using dishwashing soap. This is why it is called “Non-cracked”.  Other regular ttukbaegi absorbs dishwashing soap and residual water through those holes and crevices then releases it while cooking.  

Due to the characteristics of the heat-resistant clay pot, it evenly transmits heat and preserves the unique taste of the ingredients even if it is boiled for a long time. In addition, it preserves the heat for a long time when eating.  With this ttukbaegi, you can enjoy boiling hot soup at your table!

Size: 14cm (diameter) x 19cm (height)
Contains up to 1200 ml 
Perfect size for two to three servings of rice or soup.
Recommended Usage: making rice, soup, stew, Korean steamed egg, and much more.
Good on gas range stove, hot plate & highlight stove, dishwasher, microwave, oven (only up to 392°F). Please do not use it on an induction stove. 


Dangozai, a Korean kitchenware brand with a 30-year tradition, uses only natural glaze made from oak wood or earthen materials as traditionally made in Korean history. They provide a modern reinterpretation of color and shape for the most convenient use in our lives.