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Boost your health with the nutritious Sanmaeul Barley Sprout Powder! Featuring 100% domestic natural Korean barley sprouts from local, eco-friendly Korean farms. Sanmaeul utilizes an advanced freeze-drying process at extremely low temperatures (-40°C/-40°F) to preserve the rich nutrition, flavor, and aroma of fresh Korean barley sprouts. Easily dissolves in water for a healthy, refreshing, and healthy drink. All-natural barley sprouts grown in real soil (not hydroponics) and free from any pesticides and additives! 


Barley sprout juice

  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of barley sprout powder to a cup.
  • Add 150ml of water or milk and mix well.
  • You can add honey as well!
  • Add to food such as cereal and yogurt and enjoy a healthier meal! 


  • 100% Barley Sprout Powder
  • The recommended amount is indicated on the product per day (1-2 times), or according to the customer's preference.
  • Sanmaeul Barley Sprout Powder is a health food, not medicine. 
  • Most of the powdered foods on the market are dried using hot air drying because it’s cheaper.
  • In this process, the nutrients of the raw ingredients that are weak to heat often get destroyed.
  • Freeze drying rapidly freezes at -40 degrees and sublimates only moisture in a vacuum.
  • This is manufacturing method to preserve the nutritional/taste/color/scent of the raw material as much as possible.

Sanmaeul Barley Sprout Powder 15g
$6.26 $7.83