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Boost your health with the nutritious Sanmaeul Rice Germ Powder! Featuring 100% domestic natural Korean rice germ grains from local, eco-friendly Korean farms. Sanmaeul utilizes an advanced freeze-drying process at extremely low temperatures (-40°C/-40°F) to preserve the rich nutrition, savory flavor, and aroma of fresh Korean rice. These special rice buds contain 2.5x more vitamin B1, 6x more vitamin E, and 6x more gamma oryzanol than white rice. They also contain octacosanol and dietary fiber! Enjoy the soft, chewy, plump texture of pure rice made without any chemical additives or preservatives. 


  • 100% Rice Germ Powder
  • It is a product that has been certified by the Food Safety Management Certification Standard (HACCP).
  • Most of the powdered foods on the market are dried using hot air drying because it’s cheaper.
  • In this process, the nutrients of the raw ingredients that are weak to heat often get destroyed.
  • Freeze drying rapidly freezes at -40 degrees and sublimates only moisture in a vacuum.
  • This is manufacturing method to preserve the nutritional/taste/color/scent of the raw material as much as possible.


  • Try with honey for added sweetness to your taste!
  • Great as an ingredient for baking Korean sweets (confectionary). 
  • If you put it together when cooking white rice, it becomes healthy rice full of nutrients of brown rice.
  • When making sujebi or noodles, mix the ratio of flour and rice flour 10:1.