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Experience the health of the sea instantly with the quick and delicious Seafood Health Porridge! Simply pour hot water and enjoy within 2 minutes! Featuring a savory blend of 100% domestic natural Korean ingredients in convenient, individual packs.  Quick and easy to make any time, anywhere! All you need is hot water! 


  • Rice 25%, Shrimp Flakes Powder 0.7% Shrimp Extract, 18.73%, Shrimp Powder, Corn Starch Dextrin, White Sugar, Refined Salt, Laver Flakes, Laver, Domestic Fried Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Flakes, Refined Salt, Carrot Flakes) Radish, Pumpkin, Carrot, Burdock, Beet, Potato. 
  • Contains Sweet potatoes, Eggs, Soybeans, Wheat, and Shrimp. 
  • This product is manufactured in the same facilities as the product using milk, shellfish, soybeans, and shrimp. 
Seafood Health Porridge 13g (7 Packs)
$3.32 $4.15