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$162.00 $180.00

Elevate the quality of your night sleep with the Silver Charcoal Pad from Forwell. This innovative sleeping pad is made from 60-piece, pure cotton with natural charcoal dyeing. Charcoal naturally absorbs and deodorizes sweat during sleep while protecting the skin from harmful bacteria, dust mites, mold, and other skin diseases. That way you can wake up feeling clean, refreshed, and energized for the day! 100% healthy, hygienic, and safe natural product that’s been washed and dried at high temperatures for many rotations to ensure the color doesn’t fade. 

Forwell products are woven directly from domestic fabrics and dyed with activated charcoal which acts as a natural antibacterial defense against other skin diseases. 100% clean, safe, and free from any bleaching or emulsifying agents. Forwell white charcoal is baked for over 7 days in a specialized red clay oven at 1200 degrees. 

Size: 200cm x 150cm
Silver Charcoal Pad (Queen)-Gray
$162.00 $180.00