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Enjoy the sweet, savory spice of traditional Korean Baengeopo! This tasty Korean favorite features specially-dried Korean whitebait fish completely free of preservatives, additives, starch syrup, artificial seasonings, and artificial colors. The whitebait is seasoned with gochujang (red pepper paste) made in-house to transform this classic into an addicting snack that everyone will love! Each bag comes with 2 sheets (Total 12 sheets per order).

Amazingly savory, sweet and spicy, the dried whitebait is sun-dried then oven-baked to achieve its deliciously crispy, chewy texture. No frying in oil! Each order is packed with 6 bags! (We have a feeling you will need it).  

Ingredients: Whitebait, wheat red pepper paste, sugar, sesame, green onion, garlic, glutinous rice paste

Contains wheat and soybean.

Spicy Seasoned Dried Whitebait (Baengeopo) 6 Bags per Box (12 sheets total)
$49.27 $61.59