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Food for your soul! Made with wholehearted effort!

As Sung Ga Jung Foods claims, their red pepper paste products are slow food that is made with 100% Korea-grown ingredients in a traditional way with wholehearted effort. No coloring, preservatives or additives are added. Made in Soonchang where peppers are widely known to make the best red pepper paste in Korea. Non-GMO. Fermented using traditional manual methods along with excellent craftsmanship.

Ingredients: Red pepper powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean powder (soybean, rice), malt (unhulled barley), natural salt, purified water, corn syrup, sugar

Contains soybean.

Once opened, keep refrigerated. 

Please note that no additives or preservatives are added to this product so the container may expand as the red pepper paste naturally ferments. It is still 100% safe to consume and enjoy.