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$3.19 $3.99

The Natural Eco-Friendly Steam Paper Foil from CH Harmony is designed for cooking essentials while helping the environment! This roundly-shaped special foil features several holes designed for effective and efficient steam cooking. It’s able to prevent foods like dumplings and rice cakes from sticking during steaming thanks to its significant heat resistance of 200°C/392°F!

Finished with a durable silicone coating that doesn’t tear easily, allowing for safe reuse (up to 2-3 times!) while being completely biodegradable. It even helps prevent water pollution by reducing the amount of cooking oil by preventing food from sticking!  


Great for...

  • Cooking steamed rice cakes or dim sum.
  • Baking bread or sweets in the oven.
The Natural Eco-Friendly Steam Paper Foil (20 Sheets)
$3.19 $3.99