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$11.89 $16.99

Add authentic Korean Chwinamul (a fragrant, edible wild aster) to your table straight from Wellness Farm! Featuring natural Korean herbs freshly picked from local Korean farms and naturally dried in the sun to capture their natural aroma, flavor, and soft, chewy texture.  

Delicious and brimming with essential nutrients, minerals, and fiber. The unique flavors of Korean chwinamul blends perfectly with rice. Quick and easy to prepare with no need to pre-soak in water. Just add to rice before cooking in your home rice cooker for delicious chwinamul rice! The aromatic herbs revive with the steam. It’s simple, delicious food makes staying healthy easy! 

Ingredients: 100% Chwinamul 

Wellness Farm Dried Aster (Chwinamul) for Rice 8g (3 Packs)
$11.89 $16.99