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The Kotsooni Kimchi Collection from Korea is now back by popular demand and open to pre-orders! 

*Important Dates*
Pre-orders will be available until 6/9. Will arrive at Seoul Mills and be shipped out on 7/27 (Tue) via FREE FedEx 2 day shipping. 

Please note that no cancellations of pre-orders will be accepted once the order has been processed.

*Dates are Subject to change due to delays 


Pyeongchang Kotsooni White Kimchi with Pumpkin (2kg) + Ponytail Radish Kimchi (3kg)

    Pyeongchang Kotsooni Kimchi features 100% Korean White Kimchi and Ponytail Radish Kimchi with delicious spicy flavors and crunchy texture. This iconic Korean staple is made from high-quality, healthy, and all-natural domestic Korean ingredients. 

    White Kimchi has a bright, clean, and refreshing flavor with the traditional crunchy kimchi texture that pairs perfectly with all kinds of Korean dishes! Features kimchi seasoning high in potassium and boasts a lower sodium content compared to most conventional kimchi. Its delicious flavor and excellent consistency continue to shine through! The flavor is enhanced with Korean sweet pumpkin for added depth and flavor to complement its very subtle spice. It’s the perfect balance of flavor that can be enjoyed on its own even without any rice! It can also be added to salads as well. Feel free to try and experiment with your favorite dishes! 

    Ponytail Kimchi is named for its distinctive look and features a delicious taste and fresh, crunchy texture! Kotsooni Ponytail Kimchi contains some extra heat in spice compared to other radish kimchi for an added kick of flavor! It’s also high in potassium with a lower sodium content compared to most conventional kimchi. 

    Gangwon-do’s fresh, cold climate and clean air are famous for producing some of Korea’s best kimchi! Gangwon-do ingredients undergo a thorough, HACCP-certified hygienic and systematic manufacturing process to ensure top quality and safety to consumers.  


    White Kimchi with Pumpkin:

    • Pickled cabbage 65% (cabbage 98%, refined salt 2%), purified water 13%, sweet pumpkin 10%, radish 4%, garlic 2.5%, potato 1.2%, onion 1%, ginger 0.5%, Pepper seeds 0.5%, chives 0.5%, brown mustard 0.5%, carrot 0.4%, salted anchovy paste 0.4% (anchovy 75%, sea salt 25%), red pepper 0.3%, sugar 0.1%, sea salt 0.1%
    • Storage: Keep in fridge (0°C-10°C/ 32°F- 50°F)

    Ponytail Radish Kimchi:

    • Pickled ponytail radish 83.5% (ponytail radish 98%, sea salt 2%), rice flour paste 4.2%, red pepper flakes 2.5%, garlic 2%, green onion 1.6%, onion 1.5%, salted anchovy paste 1.5% (anchovy 75%, sea salt 25%), scallions 1%, salted shrimp paste 0.7% (shrimp 75%, sea salt 25%), sugar 0.5%, sea salt 0.5%, ginger 0.3%, L-sodium glutamate 0.1%, enzyme treated stevia 0.1%
    • Storage: Keep in fridge (0°C-10°C/ 32°F- 50°F)