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Mt. Jirisan 100% Korean Chestnuts are peeled and ready to enjoy! Perfect for baking, snacking, or as a topping for desserts. Mt. Jirisan chestnuts have a distinctive rich yellow hue and fragrant chestnut aroma that stand out from normal chestnuts. Whether at home, during work, or on the go, Mt. Jirisan chestnuts hit the spot every time! Great for all ages from young children to adults. Pairs perfectly with milk, tea, or coffee. You can also add it in a variety of recipes as well such as yakbap or glazed rice cakes! 


  • Store in room temperature away from sunlight. 
  • Best if consumed all at once after opening. 
  • Made in a facility that has peanuts. 

SKU: 100010113539
Mt. Jirisan 100% Korean Chestnut (10 Bags per Box)

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