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Delight in Seton Bakery’s all-natural organic Baked Black Sesame Snack that melts in your mouth! Delicately puffed organic Korean brown rice is finely coated with organic black sesame seeds and baked in a specialized oven to achieve that satisfying crunch and natural sweetness in every bite! Made from 100% domestic organic Korean brown rice and all-natural, organic black sesame seeds and organic rice syrup to its distinctive taste, quality, and consistency.

Good People, Good Products, Good Team is the adage that defines Seton Bakery. Seton Bakery is a company that offers people with disabilities sustainable jobs and career opportunities.  Its purpose is to equip people with disabilities to live a full, bright future as independent individuals. Seton Bakery partnered with Sisters of Sisters who employ more than 50 disabled workers that produce only healthy and honest products. They take pride in using simple, high-quality, 100% domestic and all-natural raw Korean ingredients free of any emulsifiers, preservatives, flavors or colorings. They are dedicated to using 100% domestic Korean wheat and organic grain in their products. 


  • 61.5% Domestic Organic Brown Rice
  • 10% Organic Rice Syrup 
  • 4% Organic Black Sesame Seeds

Eco-friendly whole grains contain 

  • Healthy fibers
  • Sulfates, isoflavones, phytic acid, lactic acid, and proteins


Organic Brown Rice, Sugar, Rice Syrup, Black Sesame, Dried Whole Milk Powder, Coconut Powder, Roasted Salt

SKU: 100010111223
Baked Black Sesame Snack by Seton Bakery 65g
$3.60 $4.50

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