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Delight in Seton Bakery’s all-natural Organic Black Sesame Snack that melts in your mouth! Delicately puffed organic Korean brown rice is finely coated with organic black sesame seeds and baked in a specialized oven to achieve that satisfying crunch and natural sweetness in every bite! Made from 100% domestic organic Korean brown rice and all-natural, organic black sesame seeds and organic rice syrup to its distinctive taste, quality, and consistency.

They take pride in using simple, high-quality, 100% domestic and all-natural raw Korean ingredients free of any emulsifiers, preservatives, flavors, or colorings. They are dedicated to using 100% domestic Korean wheat and organic grain in their products. 


  • 61.5% Domestic Organic Brown Rice
  • 10% Organic Rice Syrup 
  • 4% Organic Black Sesame Seeds
  • Eco-friendly whole grains contain: Healthy fibers, sulfates, isoflavones, phytic acid, lactic acid, and proteins


Organic Brown Rice, Sugar, Rice Syrup, Black Sesame, Dried Whole Milk Powder, Coconut Powder, Roasted Salt

SKU: 100010111223
Seton Bakery Organic Black Sesame Snack 65g
$3.60 $4.50

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