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$19.75 $24.69

Black bellflower root is known to be great for lungs and throat health. High in saponin, vitamin, and calcium content, these black bellflower are hand picked in Korea then fermented with other ingredients such as pear, jujube, and rice. 1000g of fish collagen peptides have also been added for a boost in collagen. Made in an HACCP certified lab and does not contain additives, colorants, or preservatives. 

Enjoy the syrup straight from package, or mix with hot water.
Syrup can also be used as a marinade/sauce for meals and dishes.

Bellflower root, water, pear, rice, quince, jujube, enzyme, fish collagen peptide, mineral

Black Bellflower Root Extract Syrup (15ml x 10 Packets)
$19.75 $24.69