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Pickled Korean chili pepper is a savory, tangy, and mild Korean banchan that truly elevates the dinner spread. The chili pepper's iconic spice is complemented with a delightful vinegar tartness that makes it perfect with even just rice! The Cheongyang peppers are specially picked and sorted for that final crisp taste! A perfect combination of iconic Korean flavors!  


  • Store in a cool place, and keep in refrigerator after opening


  • Red pepper 65% (domestic)
  • Pickled in soy sauce (purified water, skim soybeans (imported)), vinegar, sugar, sun salt
  • Chili contains capsaicin which studies show stimulates appetite and is effective for blood circulation
  • Specially grown Cheongyang peppers
  • Cheongyang Pepper 65%, Soy Sauce, Apple Vinegar, Sugar, Sea Salt

CheongyangGol Pickled Chili Pepper (Non-Spicy) 500g
$16.99 $18.88