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Featuring Premium 100% Korean domestic laver grown and harvested in the clean, unpolluted waters of Wando island!  Enjoy the amazing savory flavor and sweetness unique to Wando laver grown only 15 days out of the year. Wando laver has a distinctively rich, chewy texture and boasts a nutritional value several times higher than ordinary seaweed. The bright sheen of Wando laver showcases its high quality. Fresh laver (seaweed) is picked between the end of October to November before being dried naturally in the stiff clean ocean breeze.  Its delicious flavor, distinctive texture, and amazing nutritional benefits keep everyone coming back for more! 


  • Bake/Grill slightly for a crispy finish and olive green color. Enjoy with seasoned soy sauce! 
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight. 


Ingredient List 

  • 100% Domestic (Wando) Laver 
Chungsanbada Premium Roasted Laver (Dol Gim) 200g (100 Pieces)