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Revitalize tired skin with the Collagen Tripeptide Powder by CNA Biotech! This amazing supplement can be added with all kinds of drinks and food including coffee, tea, salad, soups, and more. It pairs especially well with natural pomegranate juice. Collagen is naturally present in bones, skin, hair, and organs of the body as a light protein. Collagen in the skin is subject to significant damage from UV ray exposure. CNA Biotech researched and developed an innovative collagen tripeptide supplement that rejuvenates and absorbs collagen in the skin. Simply add about 5g one to two times per day with water or your favorite foods and drinks~! 

Featuring 100% pure tripeptide collagen made in modern, world-class HACCP-Certified and HALAL-Certified facilities.

Collagen Tripeptide Powder 300g
$47.64 $59.55

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