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Try Coreana’s exclusive launch of their new shine-cream hair dye for beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair in all colors and shades!  This cream-based dye contains all-natural Korean ingredients such as red ginseng extract and 8 additional herbal nutrients to keep your scalp and hair happy and healthy.

Perfect for those with sensitive scalps who are looking for soothing, all-natural hair dyes that won’t damage hair. Coreana cream hair dye is supplemented with traditional herbal medicines (Ginseng, Sangbum, Chan Gung, Mugwort, Peony, Black Bean, Turmeric Extract, and Licorice Extract) that actively protects and enriches your hair health.

Experiment with different shades of brown, from deep, dark chestnut to bright, silky copper!

Note: Color may vary depending on individual hair condition 

How to Use:

1. Mix the 1st and 2nd agent at a 1:1 ratio in a mixing container.  

2. After dividing hair into sections, start 3 centimeters away from the scalp, then move your way to the scalp.

3. After allowing time to set, wash off excess with lukewarm water. 

    SKU: 100010112354
    Coreana Glossy Cream Dye (Black Brown/Dark Brown/Brown/Light Brown/Orange Brown/Red Brown)
    $13.00 $15.00

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