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Make authentic Korean sikhye effortlessly at home with Donggang Maru’s Simple Sikhye bags. This traditional Korean drink has a delightfully light, sweet, and refreshing flavor! Made in clean and safe state-of-the-art automated sanitation systems. 


  • Add 400g of rice (1~2 bowls) in a jar, 60 oz. of water, and 5 bags of Sikhye (tea bag)
  • Switch the electric rice cooker to “keep warm” setting
  • Once the rice grains start to form after about 7 to 8 hours, boil it and take out the tea bag.
  • Add sugar or ginger depending on your preference.
  • Cool the sikhye down in an appropriate container.
  • Cool and store refrigerated or frozen.

Storage: Store bags at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or moisture.

Ingredients: Malt 60% [barley 100%], refined sugar 40%

Donggang Maru Simple Sikhye 24g (10 Tea Bags)
$8.79 $10.99