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As a bonafide staple in Korean diet and cuisine, rice is an essential ingredient that should be carefully selected for quality, taste, and nutrition. Look no further than the healthy and delicious 5-Color Blend Rice from Dr. Rice! This blend features 5 different kinds (and colors) of high-quality rice grown in Korea. 

Dr. Rice is sourced from clean, healthy, and organic rice free from foreign particles such as pesticides. Delicious mixed rice with a soft and sticky texture that doesn’t require hours of soaking to soften. After cooking, the natural lactobacillus in the rice enables a high absorption rate and smooth digestion. Perfect for those with weaker digestive systems. Even children who typically dislike healthier brown rice will enjoy the amazing taste, texture, and nutrition of 5-Color Blend Rice. 


  • Black rice: Anthocyanin, vitamins, minerals
  • Red rice: Catechin, oleic acid
  • Golden rice: GABA, dietary fiber
  • White rice: Essential amino acids, vitamins
  • Green rice: Chlorophyll, lysine

This organic 5-Color Blend rice is sourced from the Sangsaengchon Village, where people and nature live in harmony. For 30 years, Sangsaengchon village has steadily developed eco-friendly farming methods and techniques that allow nature to thrive! 

Compared to white rice (rice without rice bran), mixed rice is rich in healthy nutrients as well as natural ingredients that help release heavy metals and waste from the body.  


  • 100% Eco-friendly mixed rice blend: 30% brown rice, 30% glutinous brown rice, 15% black rice, 15% red rice, 10% green rice.
  • When you use fermented germinated 5-Color Rice from Dr. Rice, making healthy rice goes from difficult and burdensome to quick, simple, and easy! 


How to make delicious mixed rice with Dr. Rice:

  • Since it’s a pesticide-free and organic rice, wash it gently once to clean off dust, etc. 
  • Distilled water/drinking water is recommended to use over tap water to wash this rice to avoid the tap water smell. 
  • Cook right away without having to soak in advance!
  •  Set the setting to “brown rice cooking” on your electric rice cooker
  • Use the same amount of water for cooking as white rice. 
  • You can also add/mix other grains (including white rice) as well! 

Dr. Rice Organic Fermented Germinated 5-Color Blend Rice 3kg (Milled Date: 05/12/2021)