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These ingredients are farmed from specific regions known to specialize in each produce and are only harvested while in season. They are then dried through traditional methods and packaged in HACCP certified facilities in order to ensure only clean, high-quality products. Dried Bellflower Roots have a chewier texture than fresh bellflower roots and can be enjoyed as a simple stir-fried side dish or as a tasty addition to your mixed rice (bibimbap)!

Cooking Directions:

1. Soak the roots in cold water for 1 hour. 

2. Rinse under running water 3-4 times, until completely clean.

3. Squeeze excess water and fry in a pan with cooking oil and preferred ingredients such as garlic, green onion, salt, etc.

4. Switch fire to low heat, cover the pan, and cook until softened.

5. Add sesame seeds and sesame oil to finish.

Gangwondo Dried Bellflower Roots (Doraji) 100g
$20.66 $29.52