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Enjoy full natural Korean Kelp ideal for kelp wraps with Haemalgeun Bunyoung’s amazing Dried Kelp. Brimming with healthy and natural sea nutrients that are low in calories but high in flavor! The kelp is boiled once to remove overly fishy aromas and boasts a delicious, clean, and chewy bite. Pre-sliced to the ideal bite-sized pieces for Korean ssam, or wraps. Simply soak the dried kelp in cold water for about 10-15 minutes before washing it clean under running water. Enjoy Korean-style wrapped around rice, tuna, tofu, carrots, cucumbers, and much more! Its clean aftertaste will leave you craving for more! 


  • For those sensitive to seaweed aroma, add a drop of vinegar to boiling water before boiling the kelp. 
  • Blanch it once and rinse in cold water before serving. 


Ingredients: 100% Dried Kelp (Dashima)

Haemalgeun Dried Kelp for Wraps 150g
$10.97 $13.72