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Cook up an easy deep soup base with Easy Soup Stock Tablets in just 3 minutes. Each tablet is freeze-dried and made from 17 natural ingredients like dried pollock, shrimp, mushrooms, edamame, onions, and dried anchovies. 

Ingredients: seafood powder (anchovy powder, radish powder, shitake mushroom powder, kelp powder, manila clam powder), vegetable powder, dextrin, dried anchovy, onion, green onion, bamboo salt, fermented extract, fermented soybean extract, freeze-dried garlic powder, freeze-dried ginger powder, freeze-dried cabbage powder, freeze-dried burdock powder, freeze-dried lotus root powder

Directions: Add 350ml of water (about 1.5 cups) into a pot. Add a tablet into the water, and boil water for 3 minutes. Add the rest of ingredients you'd like to add to your soup base.

Easy Soup Stock Tablets - Deep & Strong Stock Flavor (4g x 25 Tablets)
$11.39 $18.99