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$43.19 $53.99

Korean Pear 56%, Bellflower Root 35%

Each stick contains 7 carefully sourced concentrates, known to boost health: Korean pear, bellflowers aged 4 years, ginger, radish, jujube, lilyturf, and licorice. 

Taegyeong uses a unique fermentation method using live cultures after steaming the ingredients, resulting in higher levels of polyphenol and flavanoid content.

Made in HACCP and GAP certified factory.

Ingredients: Korean Pear, Korean Bellflower Root, Rice, Barley, Radish, Ginger, Jujube, Lilyturf Root, and Licorice.

Fermented Bellflower Concentrate with Lactobacillus (10g x 30 Sticks)
$43.19 $53.99