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This special gochujang (red pepper paste) is the perfect blend of spicy Korean red peppers and savory Korean dried pollock! Sourced from traditional fermented dried red peppers and Korean dried yellow pollock. The pollock is developed for four whole months in the clean cold air of Yongdae-ri, Ganwondo. Deliciously spicy and aromatic, red pepper paste contains a large amount of capsaicin from Korean red peppers which has shown to boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, and even may reduce cancer risk! This wonderfully sticky and thick sauce has a unique savoriness and spice that truly stand out!


  • Storage method: Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place after opening. 


  • Gochujang features various ingredients containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Calcium, and Potassium.
  • It also contains capsaicin and rich beta-carotene. 
Gangwondo Dried Pollock Red Pepper Paste (Hwangtae Gochujang) 500g
$17.60 $22.00