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Each order comes with Gangwondo Mugwort Sweet Rice Snack (Yugwa) 200g

Enjoy one of Korea’s most traditional and beloved snacks with the “Yangyang’s Five Seasons” collection of puffy rice crackers. 

The fresh, herbaceous taste of mugwort is beautifully captured in the savory, crispy and chewy rice cracker. There are no preservatives or colorants used, making it safe as well as puffy, delicious, and delightfully sweet, and airy on the inside. Local Korean farmers use natural ingredients to give that unique, distinctively clean, high-quality taste to their hangwa (traditional Korean sweets and treats).  

Try the "Yangyang Five Seasons Fruits" collection which was produced in the magnificent view of Mt. Seorak's beautiful mountains, sea, and valleys. Local farmers thrive using the natural clear waters of Mt. Seorak, raw native ingredients, and traditional Korean farming methods passed down from their ancestors throughout the generations. They are a company that supplies high-quality products made with the inherited craftsmanship from thousands of years of experience and tradition. They continue to develop and perfect native traditional Korean fruits with pride to share Korea’s natural gifts with the rest of the world! 


  • Shelf Life: 13 months from date of manufacture
  • Ingredients: Glutinous Rice 80%, Mugwort Powder 4%, Starch syrup 4%, Canola oil 5%, Rice 7%
  • Please eat as soon as possible after opening
  • Keep sealed and out of direct sunlight
  • This product contains wheat, egg, milk, and soybean
Gangwondo Mugwort Sweet Rice Snack (Yugwa) 200g x 4 bags
$29.88 $37.36